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rfidCollect temperature sensor solutions for TOE

Temperature Tracking in Controlled Environments

rfidCollect specializes in time out of environment (TOE) tracking for temperature- and time-sensitive goods.

Produce and meats, vaccines and biologics. The companies who process and manufacture them operate in controlled environments. They risk costly, dangerous product excursions if they use separate systems to track location, temperature and environmental conditions.

Food and pharma companies operate with complex manufacturing processes in a challenging supply chain. Mobile devices, fragmented apps and individual programs create data sprawl.

Tracking pharma lab products
Remote temperature tracking

Most companies don’t recognize how decentralized their data is until a problem occurs. Controlled environments require enhanced product visibility and audit trail through unique data exchanges. They need actionable data for safety control, regulatory audit and compliance.

By integrating multiple sensors into one data collection and management system, users can immediately respond to product management abnormalities and avoid costs associated with rejected products that may amount to millions of dollars per incident. 

With rfidCollect's centralized data collection, companies regain control over fixed and mobile elements of their supply chain and are better prepared for safety and compliance. The rfidCollect TOE system creates comprehensive audit trails, generates report alerts and notifications, triggers safety controls and improves visibility of perishable and temperature-sensitive products.

The rfidCollect TOE System for Controlled Environments

  • Gives you a tracking system that provides detailed monitoring of a product's TOE to ensure meeting product integrity and stability requirements
  • Provides visibility into a product's location, environment and temperature to establish an audit trail for regulatory compliance, such as in food safety or pharmaceutical pedigree programs
  • Establishes a fast and easy way to collect, store, analyze and report on product location and temperature
  • Implements a simple to deploy, easy to use system that sits on the edge without major integration costs, and easily ties in data collection with ERP/SAP systems
  • Assures you have a standards-based, non-proprietary, vendor-neutral system using industry protocols such as EPC, GS1, GEN2 and ISO
  • Implements a system that requires little IT resources and avoids over burdening an already overloaded IT staff
  • Offers a system that efficiently sorts and filters relevant data flows to required workflow and data management
Tracking products in controlled environments
  • Provides a scalable system that is flexible to changing technologies, uses various tag formats and input, and can be used in both open- and closed-loop tracking environments
  • Minimizes disruption to routine workflow and daily operations, with deployment in as little as one day as an add-on system
  • Gives you a system implemented at your own pace


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