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Applications that move your data to your ERP system

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Many ERP systems use costly, error-prone manual processes to collect an expanding universe of data driven by IoT devices. rfidCollect’s Swift-ID™ system automatically collects and organizes product identification and telemetry information. That means enterprises can better manage physical assets, inventory, intangible assets and business processes.

rfidCollect’s technology uses tags and sensors to automatically track assets and environmental conditions. Swift-ID’s robust applications seamlessly integrate front-end support and interface with back-end systems. The system processes telemetry data, turning it into usable, timely, actionable information in your ERP.

The flexible Swift-ID system can be self-standing or externally hosted on highly secured servers via web access. Data is presented on a user-friendly dashboard for sophisticated analytics.

Enhance your company’s ERP system with Swift-ID automated asset and resource management software.

Taking Inventory Fruits Transportation Data Center

The Swift-ID library consists of fixed and mobile reader applications, inventory and relational databases and web management applications.

Dashboard: Swift-ID  management tools use a simple  interface that allows users to query the system by product ID and examine history logs or establish  alerts and notifications.


Reporting: Swift-ID presents data that is immediately valuable to personnel responsible for monitoring products, resources and their environment. Beyond standard visualizations and reports, users can generate custom reports and leverage a variety of export options to send data where it is needed.



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