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Asset and product tracking solutions across industries

Product & Resource Management

What do a hospital food services company, pharmaceuticals producer, steel manufacturer and medical dispensing cabinet maker have in common?

They are all global organizations that needed asset tracking solutions for inventory management, regulatory compliance, quality control, business process improvement and real-time visibility to actionable data. And they all trusted rfidCollect to design, engineer and implement RFID- and sensor-based tracking, monitoring and data management solutions.

rfidCollect’s advanced data capture solutions eliminate human intervention and error. They assure accuracy and security of key assets as they move from one operation and work area to another.

Better asset management increases productivity and efficiency in data centers, hospitals, stock rooms, manufacturing facilities, transportation and virtually any enterprise environment.

rfidCollect solutions for product tracking rfidCollect solutions for server tracking

rfidCollect's Product Tracking Solutions

rfidCollect provides turnkey product tracking by integrating automatic item identification technologies such as RFID and environmental sensors with the company's actionable data management software. Users manage supply chain activities and warehousing in a range of industries, from heavy manufacturing and transportation to retail and pharmaceuticals. By integrating RFID sensors for item identification within the supply chain, companies eliminate bottlenecks and improve process flow. The result is enhanced operating efficiencies and financial performance by optimizing inventory levels, releasing capital tied up in surplus inventory and ensuring product safety through environmental monitoring.

rfidCollect solutions for warehouse logistics
Increase productivity with rfidCollect's solutions

The Benefits of Better Asset Management

  • Spend less time tracking & locating missing items and increase productivity
  • Spend less on replacement requirements and utilize assets to maximum potential due to greater visibility
  • Improve performance of critical and routine maintenance procedures on existing assets
  • Secure IT assets better by tracking, identifying and extending utilization
  • Better protect stock & storeroom assets automatically, 24/7
  • Improve asset management by reducing loss and spending less time managing systems
  • Reduce expensive downtime with more efficient replacement and maintenance
  • Safeguard sensitive data and reduce idleness, assuring increased efficiency
  • Monitor power usage and temperature-controlled assets automatically and consistently


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