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Tracking people with RFID

People Tracking

A construction company wants to know which workers are entering and leaving a gated site, and when. A data center must document who moves servers, and where. A hospital has to track personnel and patient location to ensure quality care and safety. An oil rig operator can't just wonder where crews are during an emergency.

They need the advanced RFID- and sensor-based people tracking and resource management solutions that rfidCollect provides. The rfidCollect team designs and implements the most cost-effective and efficient tracking solutions tailored to users' specific requirements. 

  • Office personnel—Automatically records date stamps, in/out times and movement within facilities for staff and visitors
  • Corrections & detainees—Documents location, safety protocols, movement & no-go zones
  • Healthcare—Provides tracking of healthcare & laboratory personnel for compliance & reporting
  • Events—Tracks attendees at concerts, trade shows & conferences
  • Museums—Monitors visitor traffic flow and generates key metrics
  • Senior living centers/emergency rooms—Tracks location, time periods, access control & processing
  • Drivers—Matches drivers with specific vehicles, assets & gate entry
  • Students—Tracks attendance, location & movement
  • Customers—Provides customer information for retail loyalty programs

Sectors Using People Tracking Tools

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corrections
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Government & DOD
  • Entertainment & media
  • Event companies
  • Aerospace
  • Airline & air cargo
  • Food and pharma cold chain
  • Data centers
  • Maritime
  • Oil & gas
  • Transportation
How It Works

How rfidCollect's Solution Works

rfidCollect's system tracks people carrying or wearing RFID cards, key fobs, badges or wristbands. RFID readers are placed at exits, entrances or inside areas where access control or activity monitoring and reporting is required. Data collection is automatic once a tag is read in specific zones. Hardware can be mounted on walls, overhead or into floor mats. When a tagged person enters an RFID-covered area, tag information is transmitted, captured and stored in a database.

rfidCollect's tracking solutions not only collect and record an event such as movement. They're also used for security alerts and maintenance activities.  Systems are non-proprietary, using only standards-based protocols.

Common People Tracking Tags

Card Key Cards Types of Tags
Key Fobs Wristbands Hardhat

rfidCollect analyzes and helps determine reporting requirements for tag data.

  • Tag reads & expected read rates
  • Database & maintenance
  • Triggering door locks or video cameras
  • Directionality
  • Adjustable time in/time out periods
  • Reports - specific type & number of fixed generated reports
  • Data divergence & filters for data based around event conflicts
  • Alerts by test, email or audible alarm


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