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Near Field Communications (NFC)

rfidCollect designs and implements NFC systems for everything from personnel access control and event attendance tracking to inventory management and stock picking. rfidCollect’s NFC solutions provide detailed digital information related to such items as location access approval, gate controls, product data sheets, brands, consumer endorsements and user manuals. Its systems link specific item labels and tags to information via readers and web access.

NFC tags are used to link specific items and people to dynamic web pages, typically using a tablet or smartphone. Tags can be embedded in posters, signs, ID cards, product labels and access control devices. NFC tags can carry significantly more data than barcodes or QR codes, can be password protected and are more secure.

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Unlike UHF RFID, which reads multiple tags and labels virtually simultaneously over a distance of several feet, NFC narrows identification of single items and people by limiting read distances to an inch or less.

Whether you are identifying single items within a large universe of products, collecting item-specific information or giving location access to individuals within a group, rfidCollect’s NFC technology is ideal.

Where NFC is Used

  • Product information
  • Marketing & social media
  • Manufacturing & processing
  • Warehousing
  • Access Control
  • Document management
  • Product authentication
  • Healthcare
  • Geo-fencing
  • Event management

rfidCollect provides a wide selection of NFC choices and accompanying applications for linking the physical and digital world. The company uses globally adopted ISO and NFC Forum standards-compliant technologies. Please contact rfidCollect for more information.


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