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Data Collection

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Data is what we do. Expertly. 

rfidCollect develops and implements integrated RFID- and sensor-based hardware and software solutions to improve data collection. Automatically.

If you need to track people or things – from workers and patients to physical assets and temperature-sensitive perishables – rfidCollect has solutions to enhance your company’s resource and asset management. Easily and affordably.

Better data is good business. We can help. 

rfidCollect increases the speed and accuracy of identifying non line-of-sight items and environmental conditions affecting them, such as temperature, humidity and vibration. Here’s how.

rfidCollect uses radio frequency identification, barcode and sensor technology that avoids human error and costly, time-consuming manual processes. The company’s solutions improve front-end data collection for back-end IoT applications that require automated, actionable data sourcing. The result is fast, accurate data that gives you operational insight for cost savings and higher profits.

We make your data work for you.

In addition to streamlining inventory and asset management, rfidCollect’s end-to-end solutions enable enhanced security, virtual geo-fencing, workflow management, predictive maintenance, product certification and temperature excursion monitoring with integrated, rules-based automatic alerts.

The company’s powerful, flexible hosted data management tools boost operational efficiencies for customers in manufacturing, data centers, logistics, healthcare, warehousing, government, product processing, education, aerospace, pharmaceutical, government and cold chain.

Our support services ensure your success.

rfidCollect provides an array of supporting services, from RFID site surveys and systems design to product acquisition and physical equipment deployment. The rfidCollect team will work with you to provide the best, most effective, most affordable solution that ensures a rapid ROI. Positively.

rfidCollect products and services are marketed under several brands, including:
 RFID ReadySwiftsure

From shipment tracking to access control, RFID makes business run smoother.

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Discover RFID equipment that makes asset and human resource tracking easier and more efficient.

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Order our RC-4E passive UHF RFID reader to simplify inventory and other tasks.

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Better Quality Data

From simple barcodes to the latest sensor-based tracking devices, rfidCollect provides leading-edge solutions for capturing better quality data for monitoring and documenting perishable products, serviceable assets and personnel tracking. You get better data for efficiency, cost savings, safety and regulatory compliance. wsp_rte_replace_marker

Tracking Device

Our Data Collection Technologies

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Passive/active RFID hardware, software & integration
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth low-energy (BLE)
  • Near field communications (NFC)
  • Temperature sensor monitoring
  • Cellular & mobile applications
  • Real-time locating systems (RTLS)
  • Ultra-wide band (UWB)
  • Barcode technologies
  • GPS-enhanced devices
  • Security access systems

Our Services

  • Project planning & feasibility
  • Process analysis
  • Solution design, testing & validation
  • Engineering services
  • Development & customization
  • Software development
  • Hardware assessment
  • System integration & implementation
  • Installation services
  • Ongoing maintenance & support


Where We Delivered Projects

  • Asset management
  • Personnel tracking
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Products through supply chain
  • Temperature tracking
  • Vehicle/tool usage control
  • Logistics & delivery tracking
  • Health & safety management
  • Security & access control
  • Predictive maintanance



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